Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Michigan November

It has been an incredibly mild November so far in MI! We are so thankful for the wonderful weather this late in the year. :)

Andrea's leaf photography

Seth and Frisky


My brothers are so much fun. :)

Well... so are my sisters.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BJU '09

I got back from the Bob Jones University High School Festival in South Carolina a few of days ago and am finally getting around to posting about it. :) We had a wonderful trip and God really blessed our group. The group was lots bigger this year which was great! We had a ton of fun. Here are a few pictures from the trip....

The first picture of the week taken at a rest stop. I almost squashed the poor bug thinking it was a stick. Stick bugs are so neat!!!

North Carolina = Beautiful!
God shows His power and majesty through His creation.

Liesl and Danielle in NC

In the gameroom at BJU playing Dutch Blitz

I played a harp solo....

...violin solo...

...and piano duet (this picture is the me part of it...hehe).
David and Liesl practicing on the stage because.....

...they got 1st place in string ensembles!
If anyone remembers from the BJU post '08, they got second last year.
For BJU, getting 1st is really good-- there are a lot of super talented people there from all over the states.
Good job!

~Sisters in Christ~

Liesl and Danielle

Danielle, Amber and Rachel

Danielle and me

Amber and me

Rachel and Amber

~Friends are amazing!~

The whole group the day before we left.
If anyone remembers from last year... we had 8 people, so this was really neat!

What kept me going on the way home--sugar!!!!!!!!!!
Well.... almost... I didn't stay awake quite the whole way. Driving 16 hours after a week at Bob Jones made me tired.... :)

Thanks for your prayers. It was so exciting for me to see how God worked through this week. It was fun, stretching, short, a great learning experience, somewhat scary, long, tiring.... an awesome week!