Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Little boys and summer

Summer's here and things are getting crazy! With only a little over a month left until fair, we're starting and finishing projects (and everything in between ☺), working with animals.... and overall having lots of fun!

This week our cousin, Christopher is going to be here with us for a few days, and we're all very excited. :)

Today it looks like we may get a break from the heat and have a thunderstorm.... fun! :)

What else is going on.....?

Here's a quick story from this morning:

We were all in the kitchen peacefully getting breakfast and getting ready for the day when Ian announced:
"There's a bird in the pool!"

We looked out the window and sure enough, there was live bird in our baby pool on the deck. It was flapping around and couldn't get to the step.
Mom picked the bird up with the top of an aquarium cage (I guess we didn't have anything better....) and was able to set it on the deck... but then the bird's foot got stuck in the cage top. We tipped it over and were able to get the bird onto the deck, but of course... it couldn't fly or walk. Then, Mom decided to move it to somewhere where it wouldn't get more wet, because it's supposed to rain. She put it in a bucket and set it under the raspberry bushes, wet and tired. I wonder if it will live.....

We don't have any pictures because the camera is dead right now.... sorry.

The reading program at the library is underway and the boys want to be read to constantly (especially Ian ☺). That's a good thing I suppose!

Well I need to get going on another busy, exciting day! (Then again, every day here is exciting.) ☺